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    Why don't flow simulation cell values exported to Excel match cross section plot?

    Reese Moore

      Running flow sim of an exhaust system.  Using porous medium as catalyst and evaluating velocity profiles right in front of porous medium (in Z direction only).  I'm looking at a section plot 1 mm in front of the porous medium:

      Plot scaling is set to min and max value of the plot itself  4.9 to 9.2

      catalyst 1.JPG

      The face of medium is at z = -.0768.  So plot would be at -.0778

      So I'm then exporting z velocity values in all cells in z range of -.077 to -.078.

      catalyst 2.JPG


      When I histogram those values in XL, I don't see the same range of numbers as on the plot.  Velocity range is only 6 - 8.5.catalyst 3.JPG

      I assume it has to do with what cells I'm clipping in that range vs how plot files grab data in a single section plane.  But I don't know where to find details on that to understand it.