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    How come I can't select multiple points with 2015?

    Chris Verryt

      So, for example, I am using hole wizard, and I have about 15 points set up in my sketch where I want countersunk holes located.  How come with the 2015 update I can't select more than one point at a time to place my hole.  Like I have to go click back under the "Type" tab then back over to the "Positions" tab just to be able to select another point on my sketch.


      How come this happens and how can I change it back to be able to just click continuously without having to switch back and fourth between tabs?


      The same sort of thing happens, say, when I am making the points for my hole locators.  I have construction lines set up to where I want my points, then when I go to make a point, I can only make one that snaps to the end of a line.  In order to make more than one point at a time, I have to toggle the "point" feature off then back on just to be able to snap.


      Is there a setting I can switch to toggle this problem on and off?


      Any help would be great, and I know it may be confusing wording here, but I can't really think of another way to explain it.  If you guys don't get it and can't answer maybe I could get a screenshot and draw on it to help describe my problem.


      Any help is appreciated!  Thanks.