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    How is 2015?

    James Pare

      So SP1.0 is coming out & it's time I need to make a decision whether we update to 2015

      How's the performance?

      Is it stable?

      Any critical bugs?

      Favourite new feature?


      Looking for both positive & negative feedback

      Please advise

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          Mark Kaiser

          Other than simulation express being broken (there is a workaround to fix it), it's good for me.  Stable and no other bugs found, nothing new and fancy (features) for myself.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            I haven't updated yet but the only thing I remember seeing here on the Forum is an issue with placing multiple points when using the Hole Wizard.  It's supposed to be fixed with sp 1.  I intend to go to SW2015 then, though I might wait to make sure that issue is taken care of first.

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              Jason Knoll

              2015 is noticeably slower.  I have one assembly that used to work just fine in 2012, when we upgraded I have to wait 3-5 minutes after a command.  The cursor just sits and spins.  Once again I will be giving the lowest rating possible for a new release.  In 2012 I went through the same growing pains until I SWX released an updated driver.  I've already updated the drivers but will have to check again to see if they released anything newer.