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    fix float in assembly

    Martin Sayers

      Solidworks crashes when I try to relocate the 'master' part.

      I switch from 'Fix' to 'Float', then try mating the front, top & right planes of the part to the same planes in the assembly.  The first mating operation fails to work, then Solidworks crashes without warning.

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          Kevin Pymm


          I have just tried the operation you mentioned on a small assembly & I could mate all three planes no problem. Do you have any other mates that might be restricting movement of the assembly? Of course, even if this were the case, it shouldn't cause a crash.

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            Deepak Gupta

            Is the master part has been made in context of assembly or an independent component?


            If that is in context of assembly then you might to destroy the in place mate.

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              Martin Sayers

              Hi Kevin,

              Thanks for the response.  It’s a complex assembly, but all
              components (including sub-assemblies) are mated directly or indirectly to the
              master component.  None of the other components are mated to the assembly
              model geometry.

              As you say, even if there was a conflict, it shouldn’t cause
              Solidworks to crash.

              My problem is that I need to be able to adjust the orientation
              of the master component (is there a better term for the prime assembly part?)
              for the purpose of creating an assembly drawing.  The current alignment
              works for me as the constructor, but doesn’t make any sense for a client
              looking at the finished product.  I know I could set up auxiliary views,
              but I’m trying to make this model accessible to other engineers.

              Any help would be appreciated.



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                Glenn Schroeder

                If you haven't already tried this, I'd recommend suppressing all mates.  Then Float the master part and mate it as desired.  If that goes okay, then un-suppress the mates one at a time, starting at the top.  If SW still crashes at some point, this may make it easier to figure out why.  You may need to delete a specific mate and fix that particular component with a different mate type, or using different entities.