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Scaling Issue

Question asked by Tom Delaney on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by Jamil Snead

Hello All,


I’m fairly new to Solidworks and am using it for a university project. I’m trying to scale an aircraft wing section to allow me to produce a CNC matched foam model for wind tunnel testing and a case file for CFD analysis. The wing assembly consists of two parts, the main wing and the end section which forms into the wing tip. I have managed to scale the main wing without issue using the scale tool. However when doing the same for the wing tip part it seems to only allow me to scale so far before removing a surface section detail from part of the component.


I seem to be able to scale it down to 1/3 size without this issue but when I scale to the required scale of 1/5 the component is missing a section (see Fig (3)) Any Ideas on what could be causing this? As I said I’m really just a beginner with solidworks so any assistance/guidance with this is very much appreciated.  








wing assembly.jpg


Fig (1) Showing the compete wing and tip assembly. 

wing tip.jpg


Fig (2)The full size wing tip part


wing tip scale.jpg


Fig (3) The attempt at a 1/6 scale showing the issue with the missing section.