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    How to select points in a sketch then add relations to points in a 2nd sketch.

    Richard Cook



      In this app, I first create a 3dSketch with points from a known source.

      I stored the persistant ID cordinates and sketch name in an indexed structure like.

      myPoints(n).Id0. .Id1 .skName... and some other info, when I create the points.


      I then create a 2nd 3dSketch dropping connector lines between some of those points.


      So as I create lines in the new sketch I would like to make the end points coincident to the points in the first sketch.

      So...I create a line from XYZ1 to XYZ2 .

      ...clear selections...

      And now how to best select the 2 points.

      What method should be used to select the startpoint (or endpoint) of the line just created?

      Do the line points have a persistent id or just the line has a persistent ID?

      What method to select the point from the first sketch using the persistent ID?


      now that the 2 points are selected just add the relation..

      move on to the end point and do the same.

      then the next line.