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    Not able to edit title block Data

    Colleen Christie

      Every so often I will get to a drawing sheet and when I try to update the title block data SW just cycles through the parameters that I have specified when ever I press any key.


      For instance I have Title, Drawing # and 3 date fields that are changed on each sheet within 1 drawing.  Every so often when I want to update this information SW just cycles through the selection when press any key (so any key pretty much assumes the Tab key function) so I can't type any information into the title block.  I have to compelety close out of SW (and sometimes restart my computer) for this issue to resolve.  It seems to be completely random.  Some drawings I don't have this issue at all, then the next one it will happen on 2 or 3 sheets.


      I have tried to redefine the paramaters for the title block to see if that made a difference but I still had the same issue.