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Create a edrawings model viewer in Excel sheet, but fail to shift different model.

Question asked by Vincent Li on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by Vincent Li

Hi Every one,


I want to make a preview window in a sheetbook of excel with VBA, with the edrawings control.

But fail in shifting showing different sw model by inputting different file location string.


However, It can make it thru shifting the design mode button of excel.

Here is the VBA code, pls help me to check where is the problem , or let me know the correct method of EModelViewControl.

for more information , you can check the attached demo video that showing my question.

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thank you very much.




Sub edrawingViewer()


    Dim SWfile As String


    SWfile = InputBox("input the file location string:")


    With Sheet1


          .EModelViewControl1.Filename = SWfile



    End With


End Sub