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Scaling material within Simulation?

Question asked by Mark Kamps on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by Jared Conway

Alright, let me explain the situation:


For a school project I am working with Simulation. I am trying to create a surface-like part, and I want to 'press' a solid plate on top of this 'surface'. I want the assembly to be analysed using FEA. I will add the files as an attachment.

With this FEA I want to extract the contact and normal forces applying on the surface. I want to extract the deformed surface to calculate the 'mean' of the surface, to see how much it has been deformed. With these forces and deformations I want to do calculations. So far, no problems.


However, attached part is an 200x200 millimeter part. The goal is to create a 1x1 micrometer (=0.001 millimeter) surface. This gives SolidWorks a lot of trouble. The creation of a 1x1um surface using a Point-cloud mesh is impossible. By using different threads on this forum i discussed this problem and found some work-around. By creating a larger surface, and using the scale function, it is possible to make an 1x1um surface. However, solving one problems leads to another regarding this scale. When I put the parts in an assembly, I cannot define a contact point since the 'move component' functions does not work.


So, long story short; Is it possible to apply the FEA on a larger surface (for example, an 10x10 millimeter surface), while the properties of the material also are scaled? Since the parts are a 1000 times as big, the material has to account for that. And if so, does someone know the material properties?


I really hope this is possible, since I am really struggling with this..