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internal id does not match

Question asked by Jack Tan on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by Roland Schwarz

I have a pcb assembly built from circuit works.

everything is fine after built and open a solidworks assembly.

this was I got after I built fro circuit works.

ScreenHunter_770 Dec. 03 09.57.jpg

the problem appear after I close the file and open again , some e-components has suppress.

a message as below

ScreenHunter_764 Dec. 03 09.21.jpg

this is the result I got after I close the message.

ScreenHunter_769 Dec. 03 09.55.jpg

many e-components has been suppress.

I not understand how these e-components  been suppress and how to unsuppress it.

can some one help me solve this problem.