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how do I snap sketch geometry to the center of existing geometry

Question asked by Mike Powell on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by Mike Powell

Hi all,


New to Solidworks 2014... 


Coming from other 3D tools... it's an easy thing, generally, to snap new sketch geometry to other common points.  For the life of me, after hours of searching, I've failed to even find people discussing how to do this in Solidworks.  Either it is so simple nobody talks about it, or it's so hard it's never done.


Take for example, cutting a slot down the center of a bar...


All I can see to do is to do the slot as an extruded cut of a given width... then centering is done using dimension equations... taking the bar width, subtracting the slot width, then dividing by 2...


Why not just snap the midpoints of each to one another?


Sketchup, for example, does this without any commands or even clicks of any kind...  it literally can infer it by just moving the geometries.  (my god I love that tool).  Am I spoiled?


Thanks for your kind help.