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    Who's programming in C?

    Roland Schwarz

      After a long hiatus from SW API programming, I'm moving to get back into it.  Until now, all my programming has been in VBA or VB6.  I want to explore C programming, as I can use it for a few other things as well.


      Anybody here doing C programming?  It would help to have a shoulder to weep on when things get ugly.

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          Rajat Jain



          I have done a lot of SolidWorks addins in C++. Additionally, I have supported a few clients on fixing their solutions involving multiple programming languages / multiple OS and multiple machines.


          Please feel free to share your issues and I would support you.


          Rajat Jain

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            Dan Miel

            This company wants me to start programing in C# and I have written a couple simple programs in C# but I still mainly use VB.net. You may have noticed that the help In both SW and EPDM in the past couple years has provided more samples in C#.

            Welcome back to the API Roland.

            Dan Miel.