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Rebuilds fail on part open??

Question asked by Chris Lindloff on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2019 by Paul Salvador

I have a fairly complex multi-body part that is giving me grief.  For instance I will be working with it and all the features are good, no errors or warnings (mostly fully defined).  I can do a control-Q and same, everything good.  If I close the part and reopen it, as soon as I do anything (even as simple as a rollback) it will want to rebuild the entire tree (even above the freeze bar).


This rebuild on open causes a surface trim to lose some of its selections to remove.  Thus the resulting surface is not knitted properly, since this surface is thickened and then re-trimmed, the re-trimming process fails, and all hell breaks loose down the tree.


Since this is happening on every open, it is driving me nuts.  Normally I can go up and fix the surface trim, then the thicken fixes it self.  But working down the tree a number of faces are no longer found so I have to re-pick them (Solidworks does not think of them as "replaced").  I even have a simple surface-knit fail (this is one face of a solid body, and I use later on)  Solidworks seems to forget where that surface is everytime, when editing the failed feature it finds it as soon as I pick it again, but since it was a new pick, the immediate children lose their reference.



If this part was rebuilt immediately prior to saving, why does solidworks want to fully rebuild it again when opening it!