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Driveworks Express automation problem

Question asked by MD Afzalul Karim on Dec 2, 2014

Hi All;


I am facing  a truss automation problem.If you see the picture 1, you can find that I create a master sketch which will generate 4 parts.The variable dimensions are red underlined on picture 2.and the base plate is parallel to the top plane of the assembly.Everything works fine when I automate a single truss but it gives a problem when I create a bigger assembly (picture 4) using those input in picture 2. It creates the assembly  like picture 4 but the bottom base plate creates a angle to the top plane as like picture 5. There is no error in the drive works panel,no error in assembly generation. If I try using master model and manually stretch it,it works fine. There is no angle.As soon as I apply driveworks to making a bigger assembly the same truss give an error.I tried several different ways of mating the assembly but the result is same.Is there any issue in my generation? How can I solve that?