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Double click on dimension defaults to dimension name, not the value

Question asked by Maurits Homan on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Richard Wagenaar

For a while (it might be since the update to SW2014 - SP5), I have this annoying problem:

After double-clicking a dimension, the cursor defaults to the dimension name, instead of the dimension value. So, when when I try to change a dimension from value 10 to 15, I accidentally change the dimension name to 15, not the value. Workaround is to press TAB once, or click the cursor in the right box.


I tried:

-Check with both old and newly created files

-Reset all settings (Tools-options-reset all)

-Delete Solidworks setting in the registry

-Restart computer


The above didn't help. I can't find a solution. Anyone..?