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    When saving a drawing a "corrupt file" dialogue box appears, but nothing is wrong with file???

    Joseph Weiner

      When I save a newly created SolidWorks Drawing file for the first time, or a drawing that was created using SolidWorks 2014 and has not yet been saved using SolidWorks 2015, a dialogue box appears that reads "FILENAME.SLDDRW is corrupt and cannot be opened, please contact technical support and retrieve a back up of your file." I then close the drawing after clicking save a second time, then re-open it. The drawing shows no sign of data loss or any apparent errors. Ive even made changes to the drawings, save them, close them, then re-open them, all with no signs of errors. My question is, why do I get this data corruption dialogue box when nothing is corrupted?


      Also I am using SolidWorks 2015


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!