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    Izac Roberts

      Solidworks 2014. Am I doing something wrong here? Working with derived configurations. If i right click config and check "suppress new components" Should this not suppress the part i add when in one configuration in all the other configurations not derived from the one i added the part to? Or at the least suppress it in EVERY other configuration whether it is derived or not? This seems to work the way i want it to half of the time. Its very sporadic and frustrating.


      for example the end result im looking for is to have this: If im in the top level config (at2072) and add a part it will show up in all of its derived configs. However if i add a part to (With man HT) it should only show up in this configuration and it's derived config (with skids (man)).

          Jamil Snead

          I don't know how that option is supposed to behave regarding derived configs, but at the very least if you insert a new part into a configuration it should be suppressed in all other configs that are not derived from the one you inserted it into. Note that the option for Suppress New Components needs to be enabled in the configs that are not active, and then a new part should be suppressed in those configs when it is added to the active config. Having the option checked in the active config doesn't affect anything.