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Cannot find associated with this item - problem

Question asked by Jakub Hazmuka on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by Jared Conway

Hello i have problem with imported model. I want to observe the quantity of solar radiation hitting on the surfaces. (I imported model from the Autocad 2015 (.dwg). When the importing ends the bar appears to me:


The model is now imported and it looks fine.

Then i created the model for flow simulation with help of Wizard, I set Heat conduction in solids; Heat conduction in solids only, Radiation and solar radiation is checked too.

(i want the observe only radiation)


Then i use the;

Flow simulation -> Tools -> check geometry


When i use the check button, the report say me: Status:succesful, geometry is OK


I want to put the "surface goal"



But the error will show.


Will anybody help me, how to solve it?

I have not any openings in model; and no error in model (no čer2.JPGčer.JPG)


i just tried these link, but it doesnt help:

Cannot find the faces associated with this item.