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EPDM 2014 Windows explorer and SW add-in crash

Question asked by Mile Andesilic on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by Mile Andesilic

When customer wants to check in assembly and its parts at once it crashes, so we checked in parts one by one but main assembly is still a mystery.


EPDM 2014 SP5 Windows Explorer crashes upon showing Check in collects all the references of an large assembly and when needs to show Check-in dialog window it crashes. Same thing with the SolidWorks Add-in.


It looks like it is file specific since nobody else in the team gets this.


I tried clean re-install od EPDM and SolidWorks

Cleaned all registry keys


Even tried forcing check in through delete and recovery of the file itself and also deleting local view and forcing silent check in that way.


Any thoughts before i write SR?