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Creating a dxf file of several solidworks parts to drive a laser cutter

Question asked by Alan Phillipson on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by Lenny Bucholz

Hi and help please!


Please bear with me. I'm new to solidworks and am self teaching,  but an experienced engineer and lasercutter.


I have created a large number of parts and assemblies in Solidworks. These assemblies are a model which is to be constructed from interlocking laser cut mdf/plywood profiles. the MDF/ply is to be cut on a laser cutter.


I need to create a DXF/DWG file to drive the laser cutter. Each of my parts is a separate part file (which allows me to 3d model and assemble)


How will i create this file from Solidworks? I've not used drawings before in solidowrks so am a little uncertain as to how to do this, and how to set things like line colour that drives through cut or engrave commands for the laser cutter.


Also i am at a loss how to create an engrave profile in solidworks. In effect the engrave feature is a zero thickness 2D line which forms a path for the laser cutter. How can I show this on my 3d parts in assemblies. And how do i get tit to show up as a different colour in my dxf/dwg file (see above)


hope that makes sense...





As an example - attached is a jpeg image that shows the complexity of assembly and number of components i have.