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SolidWorks Applications Engineer - SolidWorks VAR Job

Question asked by Matt Lyle on Dec 1, 2014

Position:  Application Engineer

Company:  Concepts In Production, LLC

Location:  Amory, MS


Concepts In Production, LLC (CIP) is a leading value added reseller of 3D Solid Modeling software from SolidWorks Corporation and it’s partner organizations has an open position available. Through its product, training, and support offerings, CIP helps companies attain higher productivity from engineering through manufacturing and throughout their organization.  At CIP we are focused on helping our customers choose and utilize Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering, Computer Aided Manufacturing, and Product Data Management solutions that generate increased productivity, reduced cost, and higher efficiency. CIP also offers full engineering services ranging from conceptual design, reverse engineering, 3D modeling, FEA and CFD analysis, CNC programming and milling, and 3D printing.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Technical Support
    • Rapid response technical support for a wide variety of customers in many disciplines and industries.
    • Participate in ongoing technical support efforts.
    • Assist customers with software functionality via phone or email and advanced web conferencing tools.
    • Troubleshoot complex modeling, configuration, and system issues.
    • Documentation of customer issues and resolutions.
    • To attain and maintain appropriate levels of certification
  • Training
    • Conduct technical training ranging from introductory material through high end, advanced modeling methodologies.
    • Assist in the development of advanced training materials.
    • Assist in maintaining training hardware and infrastructure.
    • Attain Certified SolidWorks Instructor certification
  • Pre-Sales support:
    • Address technical objections, conduct product demonstrations and product implementations.
    • Learn and understand the sales process
    • Deliver demonstrations and presentations comfortably to anyone in a company hierarchy from a draftsman to the CEO or business owner.
    • Develop and present custom demonstrations to satisfy specific customer requests.
    • Assist in product positioning and implementations
  • Engineering Services:
    • Engineering services range from automotive, medical, machine design, aerospace, defense, consumer goods, etc…
    • Demonstrate ability to work hands on with multiple design tools.
    • Ability to work dynamically in groups and maintain personal organization utilizing a product management system.
    • Ability to understand and interpret customer requirements and needs to provide a proper solution. 


Minimum Requirements:

  • Thorough understanding of engineering processes
  • Willingness to continuously learn
  • Strong presentation and communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Familiarity with MS Windows applications, MCAD solid modeling and FEA
  • SolidWorks, Computer networking, and CAM experience a plus
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, or Computer Aided Product Design