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    Print PDF through ePDM

    Craig Schultz

      Is there a way to PRINT a PDF when transitioning?  I would like to use the print function to create PDFs and name them the same way we do for SAVE AS PDF.  The save as function is hit or miss with the rebuilds it does before saving.  Edges of flat patterns tend to disappear a lot.  If I print as PDF, I can't remember the last time that happened.


      It's not that much of a time saver doing the save as  --> seeing it's missing lines --> checkout  --> print as PDF --> check it back in... lather rinse repeat method.


      Thanks for any insights,



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          Catalin Mocanu

          You can trigger a task when transitioning. Just create a PDF task in EPDM tasks and in transition workflow, go to action -> Execute task and select the PDF task. You can name your file any way you want in PDF task, when you create it. Also you can choose the location for the PDF file.

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              Craig Schultz

              The PDF task is the issue.  I want to be able to have a print task using PDF complete to create the prints and have similar dialog like:







              so that it will only print specified sheets to a file named just like the save as PDF task does.


              The save as PDF task creates the issues I have listed above.  The print as PDF using PDF Complete as a printer rarely if ever does.

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              Jason Spansel

              What version Solidworks and EPDM are you using?  If you have done an update, did you also update the task add in as well?  You need to do that.  If they all match, open the task for Create PDF, go to the Advanced Scripting Options like you see in your last image.  ADD the line "sWApp.Visible = True" (dont add the quotation marks). 


              Sub main()


                  On Error GoTo Fail:

                  Set FileSystemObj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

                  docFileName = "<Filepath>"


                  ' Get SW interface object

                  Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

                  swApp.Visible = True

                  swApp.FrameState = swWindowMaximized

                  Convert docFileName


                  Exit Sub


              That is where it is in our script.  Not sure it is super important in that exact spot, but somewhere in there.


              This will usually fix all output issues with the PDF task.  It fixed all our problems.  Solidworks now puts that in the script to fix the issue for the last few release.

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                Dwayne Parrott

                There are different reasons the Task create automatic pdf files on transition fails.

                After using it for 2 years i can tell you, there must be a constant audit the pdf folder. The method fails sometime when users promote only the drawing and not the part model at the same time. Also if the batch PC is yours or a colleague and it runs on a PC that already has a copy of it open that can also cause it to have problems creating a good pdf or one at all. Also varify the time settings to repeat if failure occurs, I remember I had mine to low and when an engineer in the UK would push a drawing the drawing response time was too long and the program would fail most of the time. So we had our VAR look our our setup and they noticed this problem.

                Ran better since!