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BOM sorted and broke by location, but locations not numerically in order...?

Question asked by Phil Johnston on Dec 1, 2014

So I have two questions here, two possible ways to solve my problem. I generated a BOM sorted by mark, but I can't get it put those marks in alphabetical order. When I'm in reports, properties, I can click on the Mark header and it will sort them alphabetically, but when I generate the report they are not alphabetically sorted.


So I thought I could live with that, if I could sort and break by location. So I generated a BOM sorted by mark, with a sort and break condition by location. And it's not numerically in order. The first page of the BOM has all items in location L1 shown, AND another line for items in location L18. Then, the next page of the BOM continues this random numbering sequence.


I would like to either sort alphabetically by mark (preferred), or sort by location but have them shown numerically. How do I set this up?