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Doing a save as in solidworks with epdm like new part?

Question asked by Dominick Ruggieri on Dec 1, 2014

So i have the templates setup with EPDM so that when i save a new part from a template it creates a folder, named with the next serial number, and saves the part with that serial number inside of it in a part library, this part works great, but the problem i have is when i want to do a save as from an old part number to a new part number, how do i get it to follow the same process when doing  save as and create the folder and place the new part in that folder and in the specified directory.


I attached a picture of the template i'm using for the new part to try and give a better understanding.



Edit:  After playing for a while, the best solution i've been able to come up with is to make a template to just create the folder and when i do the save as in solidworks, right click and select new and create part folder, then i just have to navigate to the folder location and change the part name to match.  This is not a great fix, but it works, really want to remove as much of the manual part from this process to reduce human error.  Would still love to know if there is a better way.