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    part and drawing rename

    Peter Szabados

      I have a part and a drawing with the same name. I rename this files. The problem is:

      In the drawing the part name did not change. In the model tree i see the old name of the file. If i modify the part, the drawing wont be updated. I hope what i want to tell you is understandable.

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          Ingvar Magnusson

          When you are opening the drawing with the File -> open. Click References befor you hit open and select your file (update references).

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            Kelef Man

            hei'ya Peter,

            SolidWorks uses associated file management. Associated files stay

            connected by filenames. When a document name is changed and one of the associated files is

            not updated properly, the association between the files can become broken. For this

            reason, you should use SolidWorks or SW Explorer to change names of

            associated files. Other techniques will work, but you should avoid some techniques.

            It's bad practice to change filenames, locations, or the name of a folder in the path of documents that are referenced by other documents with Windows Explorer. Links between parts, assemblies, and drawings can be broken in this way.

            Using SW Explorer or a PDM application is the preferred method for changing filenames.

            hope this is clear for you- have  a good'n kelef