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    FRP tank  simulation

    Vickyook Lee

      Dear Sir,

      1. the top is 12mm thk, bottom is 10mm thk, lower shell(2160mm high) 9.5mm thk,upper shell (2500mm high)6.8mm thk, total shell high is 4660mm, diametre is 5000mm, how to identify the casing? We should choose the  inside or outside casing to indentify?

      2. I have 8 hold down lugs on the tank bottom knuckle, how to add fixture on the lugs?



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          Jared Conway

          regardless of the analysis, choosing inside or outside does not really matter as the assumption in shells is that the thickness is much smaller than other dimensions that the choice of inside or outside does not matter. especially if you use the offset option to realign the shell. sometimes they are chosen inside and outside from convenience or to leverage an edge to edge connection to minimize the number of contact selections to be made.


          regarding the lug fixture, you'll have to elaborate on what doesn't work or what you want to learn or physically how it is connected. easiest answer is fixed but that might not match your goals.

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              Vickyook Lee

              Hi Jared,


              Since inside of the tank is smooth, and the different of the thk will be projected from inside to outside, that means I select the inside surface of the top, shell and bottom ,, then indentify as one casing is ok? What is the offset dimension I need to input? And which type of offset buttom I should choose?




              Fot the lugs, when I choose the fixture on the lug surface, the softwrae has a error that " please choose the solid parts on casing", what is that means?



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                  Jared Conway

                  on the shell, if there are multiple thicknesses, you need multiple shells. if you choose the inside, you will need to split it with a splitline and define them as separate shells. top vs bottom is irrelevant, these are for reporting only or for the offset command. the offset allows you to tell the software to move the middle plane of the shell to the actual middle of the geometry. this is best covered in the help.


                  as for your lug. since you're idealizing the main component as a shell, the solid you are selecting no longer exists, as such it cannot be selected. you need a separate part or body.and then you'll have a mixed mesh so you will need the appropriate connection.