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Swept Cut Problems

Question asked by Kamden McHenry on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by Kamden McHenry

Hello SW Community,


I have encountered another problem with swept cut feature in solidworks.  I have not been able to determine the reason why my part will not cut along a helical path.  I had another model that was scaled down, and there was no problem with this one.  Attached are two files, one that is working as planned (5 1-2 buttress casing), and the other that is not working correctly (6 5-8 buttress casing).  The numbers for these threads are specific and need to remain the same for this model to be accurate. 


I am sorry, I have SW 2015, but I do not know how to save for previous versions if it is possible.


Thanks for your help,