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    Gravity load to a 2D axisymmetric problem

    Issam Ben Moallem

      Dear all,


      Why it is not possible to apply a gravity load to a 2D axisymmetric problem to conduct a static analysis and determine the stress distribution?

      An error pop up when trying to do that saying, “Member not found.”

      Thank you for any help you could provide.



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          Jared Conway

          I see 2 spr (bug reports) in the solidworks kb (customerportal.solidworks.com), both are marked as inactive meaning not enough people had reported it and no longer on the developers list of things to fix


          could mean that this is fixed in a more recent version or the feature was removed, what version and service pack are you using?


          could also mean it is file specific.


          i'm not sure i'm surprised that it isn't supported since it is a body load and the 2d elements don't really have a volume associated with them. but I haven't specifically tried it myself. and also there are some conditions where this may not be valid.


          worst case, build a slice of the model to test.

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              Issam Ben Moallem

              Mr. Conway,


              Thank you for your response.


              I'm using an educational edition of SolidWorks (version 2013 SP3.0), but I don't think that's the issue.


              Attached is the image of the problem that I'm trying to solve. It is a tapered thick shell under gravity load.

              The gravity load cannot be applied in the y-direction of the axisymmetric model.

              However, it can be applied to the equivalent 3D model.

              Is there a reason for that?


              For some reasons, I have to solve the problem for the axisymmetric model.

              Any suggestion is appreciated.