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    Can number of instances in sketch pattern to be one

    Charlie Fan

      Hi every one, I have a question that bothers me a lot recently.


      I noticed that when I create a sketch pattern the number of instances cannot be set to be one, I must be a number bigger or equal to 2.


      However, I need to be able to set it to "one" since I use some macros to modify this number. For example, If I make panels of glass for a window, if the window is very wide then it may contains 3 or 4 glass panels; however if it is a small window it contains only one panel. I got trouble when the macro try to set the linear sketch pattern to have only one instance, it just won't work.


      This is very important since I use this same sketch to drive other pattern bodies.


      Please kindly help, much appreciated.

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          Glenn Schroeder



          I don't know anything about macros, so this may not be any help at all, but since it's been a couple of hours since you posted the question and no one else has answered I'll give it a shot.  First, as a general practice, I think you'll find that for a variety of reasons most experienced SW users avoid using sketch patterns, and will pattern the body or feature as a separate operation instead.


          Now, for your macro, can you create it to suppress the pattern if you don't need multiple instances?  Again, I know nothing about macros, so that may be a stupid question, but it's all I've got.