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Sheet Metal - Auto Relief

Question asked by Dan Stauch on Nov 28, 2014

Hello forum,


First time posting but will try to include enough details.


Summary: I upgraded my system from SW2014 to SW2015 last week and thought everything was all well until I got into sheet metal parts. My auto relief settings have gone crazy showing the wrong relief type.



When converting solid to sheet metal, auto relief settings don't match output. When rectangle auto relief is selected, tear results, tear selection results in rectangle and obround works properly (screen shots showing previews and setting attached). I used a custom guage table, but the issue is there without using the table so that is ruled out. I tried adding a miter bend to an angle just as a test, and the weird thing is it applies NO relief type (screen shot also attached). I tested 2014 to see if it is doing the same and it is, just different link, rectangle does obround, obround does rectangle and tear does tear.


This is very odd behavior.