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ePDM - button on filecard to open PDF-file

Question asked by Peter Larsen on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by S. Casale



I am trying to find the right approach to quickly open PDF-files made from SW drawings.


I will soon be introducing a "Part Browser" for our sales crew where they will be using an ePDM search card that contains many CustomProperties based on ASM and part files.

The making of the PDF-files are done semi-automatic and can be placed in any specific folder so that´s all good.


But since the PDF do not contain the properties from PDM they will not show up in the search list unless they search for the filename itsef.


So the question is if you can make an action button on the PDM File Card that opens the PDF with the same filename located in the same folder or specific folder:

E.g.   "Open file: file-location of SW-file\file-name of SW-file.PDF"


I know about the ability to reference a file to a SW-file in PDM but not sure it can be done quickly since we have a lot files...


Will I need to run an Add-in like shown below?

I am not into programming but would it be an easy task?


Thanks in advance.