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Fatigue Analysis of Beams

Question asked by Kevin Eichler on Nov 29, 2014
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I am trying to perform a simple fatigue analysis on a bike frame I have modeled using structural members. I performed a static analysis with all members being treated as beams and everything worked out fine. I then attempted to perform a fatigue analysis but after trying to add an event, I received the following error message; You need one or more static, nonlinear or linear dynamic to perform Fatigue Analysis. From reading I understand that apparently fatigue analysis doesn't support beams but I also want to avoid treating everything as a solid or converting to trusses as this would make the results less accurate.


I have looked through other posts and have found the similar problem but no good explanation for the solution as can be seen in the following link;

Re: Fatigue Study Error


Can anyone explain how to perform a fatigue analysis of a frame made from beams?


Things to note:

4 of the structural members do not have the required slenderness ratio to be considered beams, not sure if this affects the results at all, any input on this would be appreciated

frame 2.jpg