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    Surface Model

    Steve Reinisch

      Have the part showen below mand just need some hints on best way to create surface. Started by creating profiles on planes to loft to but once I get to the last on how do I close the surface off to complete it?


      Thanks for any advice.



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          Wojciech Nieroda

          Hello Steve,


          In the attachment you have an example how it can be made. Very important thing in this case to properly select curves to surface fill feature and to move "Resolution control" all the way to the right. Without it surface will be very bad.


          Kind regards,


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            Jamil Snead

            Here's another example using a loft instead of surface fill. The surface fill might be better but it can't hurt to see more options. You may have been wondering how to have a loft come to a point at the end. You will see in this example that if you have a 3D sketch with a point in it, you can use that as a loft profile and it will loft to the point.

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