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Solidworks Toolbox - updates?

Question asked by Peter Stenabaugh on Nov 26, 2014

I wonder when Solidworks is going to get an upgrade to the toolbox to include more items.  There are items that exist in the Imperial toolbox that do not exist in the Metric toolbox, for example timing belt pulleys and belts.  There are many common fasteners that could be, should be included.  An example of this would be nylock nuts, in both Imperial and Metric of course, another would be flange nuts etc.


Another big issue that I am experiencing with the toolbox is the routine that inserts grooves for snap rings, o-rings etc.  This is a great feature - however how about finishing the routine by creating fully constrained sketches.  In particular I use a lot of o-rings in some current work I am doing.  After a sketch has been inserted, if you do any editing to the parts thereafter, or move things around, the sketch goes rabid on you since there are NO contraints on the sketch items such as tangents on the curves etc.  Another feature that is needed is the ability to properly constrain the o-ring in place.  The only constraint that exists now is to constrain to the axis of the o-ring.  While this is fine, there are no features to let you constrain the o-ring in place along that axis.  I get around this by inserting a construction line across the mid point of the 2 parallel lines in the sketch, the top and bottom cutting lines.  Then with this sketch in place I can constrain the o-ring's TOP plane to the sketch line, and this works great.  The big issue is that I have to do this for each and every o-ring groove that is created.


So if Solidworks can be upgraded to add this sketch line to every sketch, as well as create a constrained sketch then the grooving routine would be much better.