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"SolidWorks Simulation Standard" vs "SolidWorks Premium"?

Question asked by John Willett on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by Jared Conway

There is a new promotion package (1) being offered including "SolidWorks Standard" + "SolidWorks Simulation Standard" (apparently a relatively new addition to the lineup) + 1 year subscription.  The price is essentially the same as another promotion package (2) for "SolidWorks Premium" (actually "SolidWorks Professional" with an immediate upgrade to "SolidWorks Premium") + 1 year subscription.


I'm interested almost exclusively in modeling relatively simple 3-D assemblies comprising several solid parts made of different materials and, especially, in performing linear static FEM analyses on these assemblies subject to external constraints (fixtures) and gravity.  I don't anticipate any need for non-linear-, dynamic-, or thermal-analysis, drop tests, etc.


The linear static FEM in "SolidWorks Simulation Standard" **appears** to offer more control than the similar capability of "SolidWorks Premium,"  but it's rather difficult to tell because the comparison matrix for the latter does not get very specific in terms of "FEM" controls, "Contacts and Connectors," or "Linear Static Simulation for Assembly."  Is there really any difference?  If so, this would suggest that new combo (1) is the way for me to go.  On the other hand quite a bit is cut out of the 3-D CAD capabilities of  "SolidWorks Premium" when 'downgrading' to "SolidWorks Standard," suggesting that (2) might be the better choice, although it's not clear that I would miss any of the fancy stuff.


Can anyone help clarify the key differences between these two promotion packages and advise me which way to go for my intended application? -- John Willett