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Anyone seen the flow solver not invoke?

Question asked by Bill McEachern on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by Bill McEachern
  1. SWX 2014 sp4.0
  2. Experienced user
  3. Connected to the internet
  4. ran flow job no issues
  5. made a new config in SWX
  6. Made some mods.
  7. Cloned the flow job to the new config
  8. Fixed all the issues, successful rebuild.
  9. Invoked the solver
  10. Mesher completes
  11. Then nothing - hangs after mesher.
  12. Look in the solve directory and the EFDSolver text file has this
    Log started 2014-Nov-26 18:03:53

      18:03:53 [efdsolver.exe] Loading dll: "units_conv.dll"

     18:03:54 [efdsolver.exe] Loading dll: "fwcpt01.dll"

     18:04:49 [efdsolver.exe] Loading dll: "slv_09inc.dll"

     ERROR 18:04:49 [efdsolver.exe] No clients connected to solver.

     ERROR 18:04:49 [efdsolver.exe] Terminating solver

     Log ended 2014-Nov-26 18:04:49


Anybody got any ideas on how to get the job to run?