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When animating, i want to select the (use camera aspect ratio in the save animation to file screen) But is is GREYED OUT. I have a camera that is fixed on a object and the field of view from that camera is what i need in my render

Question asked by B. Mill on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Jared Conway

Lets sumup what i did and have:


1. Camera1 is added with a field of view focused on the object.

2. the camera is anchored o a sketch path around the object and set at 0% travel distance.

3. When i left clink camera1 in the motion study, i select 'camera view'. alright now that is the view I need for my render.

4. Now when i hit save animation, the view goes back to TOP view..?

5. Next i select photovieuw (renderer) and want to use my aspect ratio of the camera.


Problem: The view after render is different and larger than the view i have when i select camera view as in point nr 3


Also the render is awefully bad blurred like crazy, Guess that has to do with the aspect ratio?.
Frames per second is 15, and rendered in photovieuw (is this correct?)

photovieuw 360 settings are set on