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Surface wizard error - Unable to sew faces together

Question asked by Mark Kamps on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello everyone. I really hope this questions hasn't been asked before.


I have a representation of a surface, which i want to analyze using FEA. I created the surface form a Point-cloud mesh by using the prep-mesh wizard and the surface wizard. With this, I extruded a surface up to this surface, creating a solid. I then deleted the surface-body resulting a single body.

The goal is to press a rigid plate on this surface, resulting in deformations. The parts have been attached.


After the FEA, I got some results. However, I cant extract the result. Whenever I right-click the Results-folder, and click "Create body from deformed shape", it will give an error:

Unable to sew faces together.

I think this error is due to the surface creation. Whenever you create the surface from the mesh, it will split it into 27 different faces. Is this the problem? And if so, how can I prevent this?


My goal with the deformed body, is to transfer it to a mesh cloud. I want to compare the original mesh points with the deformed mesh points. (to see what has changed an how, for instance the mean of the point data.) Can anyone help me?