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Couple of questions on Costing Module - Multibody

Question asked by Jonathan Morland on Nov 25, 2014

Keeping it simple -  we have an OD-Turned part which is pre-shaped from a standard billet and then machined to remove any unwanted materials.

There are then additional separate bodies added to this part which would represent the material we wish to remove.


We use the manual method of building a costing using a multibody - template.


My questions are as follows;


1) When the costing on a turned part as example is calculated - Which is being used to determine the cost -   Roughing, Semi Finish or Finish  or  does it assume you make use of all three ?.


2) When automatically doing the costing on this part by selecting "Cylinder" as Stock Material, On the feature tree side of SolidWorks you are able to click on the operation or process an select the finishing i.e. Roughing, Semi Finish or Fine Finish.


How can this be done when doing a manually costing ?    Is it possible to perform two or three operations using the same body as reference ?.


3) Within the templates -  you are allowed some functionality to change speeds etc.

How can you physically add a Tool or Tip of your own ?  and then how would you go about using specifically that tool or tip in your manual operation ?.


Spreading of the cost of the tool or tips - How do you account for the cost i.e.  if a tool or tip will only do X-number of runs or passes before being retired.


4) Where can one locate the generic costing document / report which is generated ?  We would like to modify this where possible.


Thanks for any assistance.