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SolidWorks sketch cannot stand so many relations as sketch in Inventor does

Question asked by Orest Yavtushenko on Nov 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by Orest Yavtushenko

I am trying to recreate the sketch in SolidWorks, I used to make in Inventor.

As you could see from video the last Vertical Relation makes this sketch over defined.

I do not see the apparent reason why the last Vertical Relation of the block should make this sketch overdefined.

If I would delete all slots, this sketch will accept the vertical relation of this block, but there are no any

ties between those square holes and slots, except probably the general quatity of Relations.

The sketch made in Inventor has even more coincident and vertical/horizontal relations (constraints) and stays fine.

Square holes and slots are also blocks.

Please advise possible reasons of such SolidWorks behavior or what I did wrong?