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Working with SW files over VPN

Question asked by Mark Biasotti on Nov 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by Alex Taguchi

Myself and my colleagues have had a long standing issue of opening and saving SW files over VPN. For my current consultancy (and the previous one I worked for) we often have to work from home on the weekend or week nights at a moment's notice and login to my company's intranet using Cisco VPN. What is peculiar is that then opening, and especially saving a SW file, over VPN the time it requires to save is approximately 10X to 20x longer than if I were to just simply copy the file over via windows explorer. I can not explain this but it is a serious impediment. It seems that the problem gets exponentially worse the larger the file. For instance a 60M master model file that takes about 10 seconds to copy over in explorer takes about 30+ minutes to save from SW.  For larger data sets VPN is almost not an option because of this problem.


What I've had to do as a workaround is to leave my laptop at work and then using remote login via my home workstation. This way I can work more effectively with the exception of the slight lag over remote desktop.


Has anyone else seen this issue?  I would really appreciate if you have and can share your experience and possible solution.