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    not a formal student; student edition anyway?

    Fred Johnson

      Just laid-off electronics technician.  I need to learn Solidworks and going the self study route has always been best (Suggestions for texts accepted here).


      I was going to purchase the student edition but noticed that you must have a student ID.  Am I out of luck.... student editions only for the enrolled?


      Thank you.

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          Poppy Ann Lynagh-Smith

          Hi there,


          This may not be helpful to you but you can download and use for free all the Autocad programs and do not have to supply a student id just put in which place you are a student from and in uk it is easy to register with a collage for any of the night school courses which was what i have done.


          I will never use the software for commercial use as I am retired on disability due to army service Autocad gives you a free 3 year licence to all of their programs for free I only came on here to try and see what the difference was between  the two sets of programs were but as I have to pay for a student licence I will have to give it a miss as I can not say when I am able to sit at the computer so if I downloaded the trial version which is only for 30 days  it could be that I download it one day and then spend the rest of the trial period in bed due to the pain which makes me unable to move without extreme pain, I have gone 3 months once when all i could do was lay there not even able to get out to go to the toilet and had to pay for a girl to come and help me or i would have most likely died from lack of food but never mind at least I am still alive unlike some of my friends who i was in service with.


          regards Poppy Ann.

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            Mike Pogue

            If they won't give you a license, go register at the community college and don't take any classes. 100% legit and you can probably do it on the internet.

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              Jeff Holliday

              If you are a veteran, you can get a special deal. You need to provide the separation form (DD14?).