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Motion Analysis Problem - Request for Approach

Question asked by Rohit Choudhary on Nov 23, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by Jared Conway

This equipment is for testing the hydraulic cylinder and the test is called as cushioning durability test.

I need to analyze the strength of the equipment before taking up for manufacturing.

Test is conducted with the cylinder actuation. The cylinder actuates and then the equipment/mechanism moves accordingly.

The test is conducted continuously for some times 20,000 cycles.

The structure coupled to piston is the dead weight actuated by hydraulic force upto 50T and momentum of the dead weight coming to a halt in the cushioning chamber at the end of the stroke in the operating cycle is a criteria.

Please note that my interest is only in the rigidity and reliability of the system (& not of the cylinder)

Please refer the image for the clarity over the equipment and working.


I request for guidance on how to check on the reliability and rigidity of the equipment over the specified 20000 cycles using Solidworks Motion Study and Simulation. I would be glad if the approach for the problem is shared.


Appreciate the support in this regards

Thanks in Anticipation



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