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Why doesn't my model look the same in Composer as it does in Solidworks?

Question asked by Marcus Wieland on Nov 23, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by Derek Parks

Hello, I'm using the 2012 version of Both Solidworks and Composer and am having a problem.


Here's a render I did from Solidworks



I wanted to make it look more realistic and make the blue outline, yellow part of names and elements on the title glow to show that they're lights.  But when I open it in Composer to do so it winds up looking like this.



I have the material for the shape of Wisconsin and the title bar set to silver with a mirror appearance applied to them, but the state shows up blue while the top is bright, and neither are reflective looking.  You can also see the background is NOT the same color at all nor does it have the texture.  How can I correct this?  Thanks in advance