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    Drawing view labels

    Milos Stancic

      Hi everyone,


      I am working with SW 2013 SP5.


      I am not sure is this bug or what but it drives me crazy.


      I've been creating a drawing template for the company to use. And I get this thing happening when i make a section view... When i make a section view from of any part or any assembly automatically i get the view label of the VIEW NAME and in second line VIEW SCALE, generated automatically. which is good and what i want. But when i change the scale of the main view or the section view i get this one more space between the first and second row in the label.


      And in addition to that when i insert the view and don't change the view scale (so the view of the part remains the same as inserted (use the sheet scale)) when i make a section view in the view label I don't get the scale part of the note, i only get the view name.


      Is there any way to fix this ?


      Grateful as always,


      Milos S.

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          Ingvar Magnusson

          1. Add this tick here, see image. Worked for me when I managed to reproduce your problem regarding the spaces.

          2. Is that what you want, to have the scale seen when you are using the sheet scale ?

          view label.png

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              Milos Stancic

              Hi Ingvar,


              I have tried what you said, but I didn't see any change.
              I need a view label with the scale in it on SECTION VIEW of a part or assy.


              As you can see on the 3rd picture from my original post, when i create a section view the label only says SECTION A-A and there is no scale in the label. I want that somehow automatically. And it only happens for the scale which is the same as the sheet scale. But as Glenn stated below it looks like it is not possible to do such thing, unfortunately

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              Glenn Schroeder

              I had the same issue with the space when I was using SW2013.  The only way I know to fix it is to update, since it was fixed with SW2014.


              As far as the scale call-out being missing when the scale is the same as the sheet scale, I believe this is intended behavior, since if the scale is called out in the title block and is unchanged, then there isn't any reason to have it called out on the view label.  I'm not aware of any way to change it.