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Design study: optimization using an equation-based constraint

Question asked by David Lipke on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by Jared Conway

I am looking to perform a design optimization study of an I-beam in buckling-type compression using SolidWorks Simulation.


I can define a global variable or equation that defines the Euler buckling load per unit area, and I want to use as a constraint in the optimization study that the average von Mises stress in the buckling-limited area of the beam must be less than the Euler load. However, my only option is to set the von Mises stress to be less than some fixed (constant) value. This defeats the purpose of my study, since the Euler buckling limit will vary with the geometry of the cross section, which itself is what is being optimized.


Is there a way to have the optimization study constraint iteratively refer to a global variable or equation-driven value that changes with the design study parameters instead of a fixed value?


Specifically, I want to have a design study of the following type:



(the geometrical values of the cross section - setting these is no problem)



maximum von Mises stress in the part or selected region ... is less than ... Euler buckling load = Pi^2 * E * I / A * L^2 where I and A are global variables defined by equations that are functions of the cross section geometry - these are the design study parameters that are being optimized and thus are iteratively changing!



minimize mass


Thank you.