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Evaporation, water gains

Question asked by Jakub Hazmuka on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2014 by Jared Conway


I am using the Solidworks 2014 flow simulation with HVAC module.

I want to ask, if is possible to add any water surface gain (e.g. evaporation of swimming pool, water gain from persons). I would like to solve an winter stadion, where I supply air with some initial temperature and initial humidity. The air gets heat up (metabolic heat) and mass humidity is rise up passes through the viewers. Then the air gets into the space of ice surface, where the temperature is very low. The air is cooled and the relative humidity increases. I Need to know, if the fog is creted above the ice surface (RH = 100%). Is it possible to somehow solve this task? I never found how to add water gain.


I will want to solve the microclimate of swimmingpool in future. i know how to calculate the water evaporation from pools. But i only want to add water gain to the surface (e.g. 0,133kg/(h.m2)


Thank you for your time and sry for my bad english