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Flow Simulation question about gas turbine flow into a steam generator

Question asked by Jason Sanders on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by Jared Conway

I am new to Flow SImulation and I am trying to simulate turbine flow into a steam generator inlet duct.  The inlet duct channels air over heat exchangers.  Right now I only want to study flow through the duct that is generated by the gas turbine.  There will be an additional analysis of the flow through the duct by putting a large plate with holes in it in the flow to see how the flow distribution looks.


I'm attaching a picture of the inlet duct.  The flow moves from left to right.  The turbine provides approximately 3x10^6 lbm/hr mass flow.


Inlet Duct.jpg


Basically I'm having issues setting up my simulation.  The turbine spins at 3600 rpm and I want to simulate that coming in the left inlet.  Do I put an inlet lid at the entrance and then a local rotational region just inside the duct where I specify the 3600 rpm?  I also want to then add the plate with holes inside the duct and run the same setup.


Would using the Swirl option under the flow rate boundary condition be better to simulate the rotation at the entrance?


Thanks for any help you can provide, I've tried researching on the net but I'm missing something in setting up my simulation.