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How to add a fastener without smart fastener?

Question asked by Shenyu Yue on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by Shenyu Yue

(English is not my native language so the question below maybe very confusing... please tell me so I can ask it in a "better way" )


I want to add a bolt into my assemble, but sometimes the smart fastener just get stupid (i.e. holes used by the smart fastener is out of alignment)

So I wonder is there any way to add a system fastener without smart fastener.


In a sample assemble I find a different way to add fastener:


It shows like a bolt + a little feather.

What does both mean?

(I have saw the bolt symbol before, but I have never seen the blue feather symbol.)2.JPG

If I download a screw from the internet and add it manually, it shows like a normal part.


Can any 1 tell me how can I do it?