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Order of magnitude performance improvement

Question asked by Luca Frondoni on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by Josh Killalea

Hello everyone

I am trying to improve SolidWorks performance, mainly for decreasing loading times of relatively big assembly.

Let's take project A. Loading it up from local storage SSD on a very recent top of the line machine, it takes 13 minutes. Which is arguably quite a long time.

I am unable to provide the total size of the assembly, but the assembly file is 78MB. The assembly has a lot of relatively small parts which get loaded into different assemblies, which are loaded by the main assembly Project A.

Is it possible to decrease by at least an order of magnitude the loading times, ideally down to less than 60 sec? If yes, how?


For your information we are not using SpeedPack.

Detailed spec of the machine:

Intel E5-1650 v2


Quadro 2000



Do not hesitate to ask me any further questions about configuration / SolidWorks model.


Your help is much appreciated